The Author

Name: Maria “Nymphaea” Fox
Contact: contact [AT] nymphaea [DOT] ca

I am a hobbyist game developer that has been making games since I could talk and programming since I was about 10 years old. As a kid I made board games and other table top games, as I didn’t have the money to afford some of the ones I wanted. A lot of the time, these games used Lego bricks, because that was something I had available. I also had a few small card games I made as a kid, either with home-made paper cards, or with standard playing cards.

As I got into computers, I found RPG Maker and began making simple games for myself and friends, as well as playing plenty of other peoples games. I eventually got into programming with “Interplay’s Learn to Program BASIC”. I eventually tried almost every programming language out there, settling on C/C++ for years, which I used to make simple games and study aids throughout my schooling. I eventually got into the PSP homebrew scene, then later on, Minecraft and Terraria modding. Modding Minecraft got me into Java more, which is now my main language.

The Site

Nymphaea.ca is a personal website to document and host my adventures into game development. I hope that this site will be useful to others wishing to get into game development, and that it will help me further my own studies in the subject.

This site is hosted by CanHost.ca, a Canadian web host and domain registrar.

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