In this section I will be reviewing games from a developers point of view. My focus is not to encourage or discourage anyone to play games, but done purely as a study to help me further my own game design ability. Feel free to suggest games to me for reviewing, or to share your own opinions, as this is all about learning more about game design and development. I hope others find this section helpful in their quests to become game developers themselves.

The World R:1 [2013-04-15]
The World R:2 [2013-04-19]
Sword Art Online [2013-04-22]
Alfheim [2013-04-30]
Children of Mana [2013-05-04]
Zelda Classic: End of Time DX [2013-05-06]
Zelda Classic: Lost Isle [2013-05-10]
Minecraft [2013-05-17]
Thaumcraft 3 [2013-05-31]

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