Updates and Plans

Just thought I would leave a message to give some updates, as I fell behind the last week. I will be keeping up to schedule again now, my major test is tomorrow, so after tomorrow I will have much more free time. The tutorials will be joined with simple example files, which will follow the same themes as the tutorials, but instead be complete, extensively commented source packages for those who just wish to see examples as opposed to following a tutorial. The first few tutorials and examples will be out this friday along with the next review.

Speaking of which, the next review will be on “Children of Mana”, a dungeon crawler themed game in the World of Mana series of games, for the Nintendo DS. After that, next week I will probably review some Zelda Classic quests. As most of these use the same basic items and systems, these reviews will be more focused on interface, level design, and gameplay.

Also, for what has been taking up my free time, I blame a few people in the Temple of the Roguelike, who have got me thinking, and eventually implementing, a component based system. I am loving the ideas behind the concept, and will probably use this in my engine for RogueArena and future games. I am also planning on making an open source game engine, possibly with a game maker like program with it, which this system will most likely power, so look forward to that in the future. Sometime over the next week or two I will probably write an article on my experiences with the component based model and how I made my own. Maybe that’s what I can do with Wednesdays, articles on programming, we’ll see.

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