Programming Tutorials and The Reviews

Quite happy with the site so far, and have been getting a few visitors a day at least, so that is nice.

For the tutorials, I decided against weekly tutorials, as that would take forever to release them, and I’m sure most people would want to get tutorials as quickly as possible. Instead, I will be releasing them as I finish them, starting this Wednesday. I’ve gotten the first tutorials planned out, I just need to write them now. First up will be the Java beginners tutorials. Please note that I am targeting people who wish to get into game development, so even my Java tutorials will generally use games to help teach. The first tutorials will be:

  • Hello World and Making JARs (obligatory)
  • Data Types and Manipulations
  • Loops and Conditions
  • Files and Exception Handling
  • Random Values and Input (Number Guessing game)

As for the review, I will note that this was purely from the anime, as I haven’t had time to read the novels. When I do, I may revise the review if any of my opinions change. I also swear that Alfheim will be the last fictional game reviewed for a while :P

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