Arcane Assistance: Types of Spirits

It’s official, I am a slacker. Already knew that, but oh well. I should have a motto, “Quality content that’s never on time!”. I guess the quality part is a matter of opinion… But hey, sounds funny :)

Today is about the types of spirits I have planned for the mod, of which I added a new one since originally talking about them. The types are Item, Fluid, Energy, Common, Arcane, Elder and Arcane Elder.

Item spirits (image above) are obtained by using redstone blocks in the corners of your offering. As their name suggests, these spirits are capable of interacting with items. They can pick up items from a container or device, transfer them with other spirits, and another item spirit can then place those items. Item spirits will also be responsible for other item related actions, such as placing blocks in world, planting crops, etc.

Fluid spirits are obtained by using lapis blocks in the corners of your offering. Another obvious one, these spirits are capable of interacting fluids. This includes both moving fluids between containers and devices, as well as collecting and placing fluids in the world. Some other things they will be able to do is water farms and place fluids into item containers (like buckets) for you.

Energy spirits are obtained by using glowstone blocks in the corners of your offering. These spirits have a few uses in the mod alone, but will also most likely have mod compatibility for transferring other forms of energy. Without other mods however, energy spirits can transfer redstone signals as well as heat. The transfer of heat will require either lava or fire to be below the spirit, and allow it to heat furnaces and possibly other devices for you using it.

Common spirits are obtained by using quartz blocks in the corners of your offering. Common spirits have no function of their own, unless given a function based on species or modifier. These spirits can be used to help other spirits communicate with each other without using more expensive offerings.

Arcane spirits are obtained by using emerald blocks in the corners of your offering. These powerful spirits are capable of linking to a container at near infinite distance, allowing connection to other systems far away. This is done by giving the spirit a container, which will give an arcane version. This arcane container will be linked to the spirit as though it were connected like a normal item or fluid spirit. There will be arcane chests, tanks, satchels and buckets.

Elder spirits are obtained by using diamond blocks in the corners of your offering. These ancient spirits are leaders of the spirits, and capable of communicating and organizing them. With an elder spirit, you may request specific items or fluids from your community of spirits, or provide items or fluids to be sorted. You can also manage spirits at a distance, changing what your harvest spirits are farming, for instance.

Lastly, Arcane Elder spirits are obtained by using either diamond or emerald blocks in the corners, and the other as the frame. These special spirits are capable of working with and motivating other spirits in your community to work, even without you present. Essentially, having one Arcane Elder spirit in your community will cause all of your spirits to act as chunk loaders, loading the chunks they are in and the ones they are working with, but no unneeded ones. Of course, like most chunk loading options in mods, you can disable them in the config.

Well there you go, all seven spirit types obtainable in Arcane Assistance. Hopefully that gets some people thinking, although it’s far from everything you can use spirits for. Up next will be species, which aside from changing range, speed and strength of the spirits, can also give them new abilities such as farming.

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