Sickness, Convention and Modding

I again apologize for not keeping up to date. I was quite sick last week, and after getting better was gone to a convention for 4 days. Time to get back to business.

Tomorrow will have two things: The first mod review will be up by lunchtime, on Thaumcraft 3. I will also release the first version of a mod I am making for Minecraft. This mod, Surviving Peace, will add alternative ways to obtain vanilla items, as well as add more challenge to the world’s generation. The initial release will add methods to get Gunpowder, Ghast Tears and Blaze Rods. Future versions will add more traps, graveyards with smash-able coffins, and other fun ways to get needed items. The aim of this mod is to add content that fits in with the vanilla game, but completes Peaceful so everything is possible to get still.

Past that, there is Dust to Dust, the reboot of an old mod I attempted during early college. This mod will add an Alchemy system to the game, as well as multiple tiers of devices to work with. Details can be found in this thread. This will be my main mod, and I will start working on it within the next few days. It is much more complex, and so requires much more for me to relearn to get it working. I will be working on both mods at the same time, as well as possibly other small mods on the side.

Also, over the weekend I will try editing old reviews and adding images and links to them, to make them more interesting.

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