Sickness, Convention and Modding

I again apologize for not keeping up to date. I was quite sick last week, and after getting better was gone to a convention for 4 days. Time to get back to business. Tomorrow will have two things: The first mod review will be up by lunchtime, on Thaumcraft 3. I will also release the [...]

Busy Week, Updates

Sorry about no review on Monday, have been busy helping a friend and getting ready for a convention next week. Also, the game I will be reviewing tomorrow has been eating up my time ;) Tomorrow will be Minecraft, and the week after will be some Minecraft mod reviews, as some of them are quite [...]

Review: Zelda Classic Lost Isle

     Zelda Classic is a computer rewrite of the original Legend of Zelda game. Eventually, support for custom quests was added, and now there are hundreds of custom user-made quests using the Zelda Classic engine. One such quest is Lost Isle, one of the best quests I have found, and possibly the best made [...]