Updates, Modding Terraria

Sheesh, I’m horrible at this keeping up to date thing, aren’t I? I’ve been getting busier with work, and with other things in my life, which have kept me from keeping up with everything. Originally I started avoiding modding Minecraft right after the whole Microsoft deal, not sure what to think about it. I eventually [...]

Okay, Maybe it is >.>

Wow, almost a whole year without posting. I’m such a slacker. Any ways, earlier this year I bought a new computer, which can actually handle games and such decently. I have been playing new games, and working on coding again. I do have work now, meaning I don’t have quite as much free time, but [...]

Not dead!

Falling pretty far behind here, aren’t we? Time for some updates! First off, I’ve been pretty darn busy this summer trying to get everything in order for work, which is one of the main reasons I haven’t been updating. I have however been working on Minecraft modding in my bits of free time. Speaking of [...]