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Not dead!

Falling pretty far behind here, aren’t we? Time for some updates! First off, I’ve been pretty darn busy this summer trying to get everything in order for work, which is one of the main reasons I haven’t been updating. I have however been working on Minecraft modding in my bits of free time. Speaking of [...]

Review: Minecraft Mod: Thaumcraft 3

Minecraft is probably one of the biggest indie games out there, and one that almost everyone knows of. It has captured the attention of many players, and even developers are either inspired by it, or just develop for it. One of these developers, Azanor, has come up with an amazing mod known as Thaumcraft, combining [...]

Sickness, Convention and Modding

I again apologize for not keeping up to date. I was quite sick last week, and after getting better was gone to a convention for 4 days. Time to get back to business. Tomorrow will have two things: The first mod review will be up by lunchtime, on Thaumcraft 3. I will also release the [...]