Arcane Assistance: Basic Concepts

The main thing that has been keeping me from modding is coming to a close soon, so hopefully I should be able to be a bit more punctual here. I was going to do the species next, I wanted to do this first so that some of the species and what they do make more sense.

Today I am going to go over some of the concepts behind the mod. How things will work, etc. Having an understanding of the inner workings of the mod should help make other things make more sense.

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Arcane Assistance: Types of Spirits

It’s official, I am a slacker. Already knew that, but oh well. I should have a motto, “Quality content that’s never on time!”. I guess the quality part is a matter of opinion… But hey, sounds funny :)

Today is about the types of spirits I have planned for the mod, of which I added a new one since originally talking about them. The types are Item, Fluid, Energy, Common, Arcane, Elder and Arcane Elder.

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Arcane Assistance: The Offering Multiblock


Yet another late post, surprise! >.> Today’s post is about the structure of the multiblock, and how it works. The next posts will cover the types, species and modifiers of spirits. Will be keeping them latest every other day.

The offering multiblock is the most important part of the whole idea of Arcane Assistance, and is both simple to do but allows complex results. The multiblock is a cubic frame, consisting of 3 types of blocks and requiring a single item. There is a Spirit Stone in the middle (glass is a placeholder), with 8 corner blocks and 12 connecting blocks. Each piece will change what spirit you receive from the offering, allowing you to customize your spirits.

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