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Sheesh, I’m horrible at this keeping up to date thing, aren’t I?

I’ve been getting busier with work, and with other things in my life, which have kept me from keeping up with everything. Originally I started avoiding modding Minecraft right after the whole Microsoft deal, not sure what to think about it. I eventually decided I didn’t care that much, so long as the game we had now didn’t change, and thought to continue working on the mods.

A few things got in the way however. I play quite a few games, one of which being World of Warcraft. around the time I decided I didn’t care about the whole deal, WoW was approaching a new expansion, and I spent most my free time getting ready for that. After the expansion came, I spent time going through the new content. By the time I had caught up with it and all, it had been 3+ months since I had programmed anything.

I thought I would try getting back into programming by working on something simpler, and went back to modding for Terraria. I have released a bunch of mods and helped fix a bunch of bugs in the API since, but the whole plan kind of had the reverse effect I expected. Instead of helping me get back into programming before getting to Minecraft, it made me realize how much I hated modding for it.

The API (Forge) is constantly changing with little notice, and the community is quite fractured, especially after the whole selling deal. It’s also much more tedious to code a Minecraft mod, as opposed to a Terraria/tAPI one. This is probably largely due to the fact that I’m a tAPI developer, but I just prefer how it’s layed out. The community is great too, once you weed through the idiots who think they can mod without programming knowledge. Minecraft has more of those anyways.

I’m still thinking of making Minecraft modpacks, and possibly doing Let’s Plays of them for Youtube, but that requires time, which I don’t currently have. Assuming the Minecraft community stays strong, which I’m sure it will, I’ll probably get back to modding for it eventually, but for now I’m quite comfortable where I am.

For those curious, here’s a link to my main Terraria mod thread :)
MiraiMai’s Tweaks and Overhauls

Arcane Assistance: Basic Concepts

The main thing that has been keeping me from modding is coming to a close soon, so hopefully I should be able to be a bit more punctual here. I was going to do the species next, I wanted to do this first so that some of the species and what they do make more sense.

Today I am going to go over some of the concepts behind the mod. How things will work, etc. Having an understanding of the inner workings of the mod should help make other things make more sense.

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Arcane Assistance: Types of Spirits

It’s official, I am a slacker. Already knew that, but oh well. I should have a motto, “Quality content that’s never on time!”. I guess the quality part is a matter of opinion… But hey, sounds funny :)

Today is about the types of spirits I have planned for the mod, of which I added a new one since originally talking about them. The types are Item, Fluid, Energy, Common, Arcane, Elder and Arcane Elder.

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